Meeting 2012/6/18

Minutes of Trust meeting held Monday 18th June in the Church supplied by Peter Johnson

Present:  Peter Brachi, Pat Davies, Jonathon Stuart, Peter Johnson,(later) Jan Chadaj, Richard Wilkin.

1. Matters arising

Agreed that garage sale worth repeating if more people, with sufficient goods, interested in taking part.

2.   Jubilee party

A great success.   Thanks to all who provided quiz & games.   No suitable event for Disco identified.

3.   Torch prosession

Proposal for Cream Teas for Olympic Torch-past  abandoned.

4.   Co-option to the committee

Not minuted

5. Village Web Site

JC tabled paper with Coombe Keynes web-site arrangements and explaned updating access.   He, JS and Roger Davies, along with Nick Salt for donating site, thanked for all their work on this.

Agreed £10 annual fee for CK web site to be met by Trust.

6.  Maintenance

Windows in Chancel to be re-sealed where needed, to prevent water ingress.

7. Finances:

Balance of £9,141   No major outgoings outstanding.   (PJ get copy of PB report)

8. Village BBQ on August 11.   Bring own food & drink.   BBQ available from Noon.   Games set-up in Church (and skittles in Churchyard?)  for afternoon.

9.   PB seeking speaker for Harvest Supper.

10.  Church to be made available to Dorset Buildings Group for exhibition during Architectural Heritage Week (PB action)

11. Next meeting 18.00 hrs. 13th August, in Church

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