Church Grave Yard and War Memorials

These are the graves as they are in the Church yard. Some current Coombe Keynes long term residents have chosen it to be their final resting place. Please scroll to locate plots on the plan.

M I RefForenameSURNAMEYear of deathAge at death
42JamesBEWNEL1755In the 60th year of his age
41ElizabethBEWNEL1755In the 26th year of her age
40AnnBEWNEL1755Aged 60 years
39MaryBEWNEL1755In the 32nd year of her age
8Dick A. G.BLUNT1954Aged 62 years
16WilliamBROWN1836Aged 60 years
20Arthur JamesBROWN1961Aged 64 years
16AnnBROWN1828Aged 51 years
17Dorothy MayBROWN1981Aged 79 years
18LesBROWN1982Aged 56 years
36Elizabeth JaneBROWN1892Aged **
36Henry CharlesBROWN1869Aged 3 months
16AnnBROWN1828Aged 51 years
36HezikiahBROWN1926Aged 89 years
21Gertrude WaltinaBROWN1993Aged 95 years
17Frederick WilliamBROWN1978Aged 84 years
CKate MatildaBROWN1917
17Dorothy MayBROWN1981Aged 79 years
36Abickel LousiaBROWN1870Aged 4 months
21Gertrude WaltinaBROWN1993Aged 95 years
CWilliam GeorgeBROWN1933
24George AlfredBUDDEN1892Aged 70 years
22Henry (Harry)BUDDEN1906Aged 48 years
25WilliamBUDDEN1896Aged 66 years
24FannyBUDDEN1898Aged 69 years
25Caroline Mary LouisaBUDDEN1921Aged **
25ElizaBUDDEN1892Aged 72 years
24George AlfredBUDDEN1878Aged 22 years
23CharlesBUDDEN1898Aged 62 years
26FrancesBUDDEN1854Aged 67 years
26EmilyBUDDEN1879Aged 63 years
26Emily LouisaBUDDEN1846Aged 13 years
26HarrietBUDDEN1882Aged 64 years
26AnnBUDDEN1890Aged 95 years
22JaneBUDDEN1915Aged **
12Walter ReubinCOBB1944Aged 53 years
13ReubinCOBB1931Aged 72 years
10Edith ElizabethCOBB1969Aged 80 years
13Elizabeth S. A.COBB1940Aged 79 years
15BerylCOBB1922Aged 10 months
9Reginald Ernest ReubenCOBB1978Aged 64 years
14HaroldCOBB1925Aged 2 months
11Hezikiah GeorgeCOBB1985Aged 81years
10Cyril Aubrey GeorgeCOBB1971Aged 61 years
23AnnCOFFIN1897Aged 83 years
24SophiaCOX1878Aged 86 years
2ReginaldDRAKE1967Aged 77 years
2MabelDRAKE1965Aged 75 years
3Kate JaneFORD1946Aged 85 years
3Walter JohnFORD1960Aged 69 years
3Ethel KateFORD1936Aged 39 years
BVincent William JosephHETREED2005
41AnnJOYCE1787In the 62nd year of her age
30SarahKEARLEY1855In the 68th year of her age
EArthur DavidKIRK1947Aged under 1 year
28MarthaMARCH1859Aged **
28EllenMARCH1859Aged 49 years
29RichardMARSH1867Aged 77 years
29SusannaMARSH1862Aged 77 years
33Charles SeptimusMILLER1880
33Harriet ElizaMILLER
12EthelOAKLEY1938Aged 45 years
33Sarah AnnREAD1875Aged 56 years
37William RichardRICKETS1737Aged 40 years
38HenryRICKETS1723In the 7th year of his age
39MarthaROBINSON1787In the 68th year of her age
35JaneSCUTT1882Aged 59 years
4John OliverSCUTT1938Aged 91 years
4MarySCUTT1934Aged 83 years
6Henry JohnSCUTT1978Aged 86 years
27CharlesSEARLY1878Aged 23 years
1William JohnSMITH1974Aged **
7PhillipSTICKLAND1796In the 25th year of his age
5ElizabethWESTMACOTT1974Aged 91 years
ALeonard HarryWESTMACOTT1995Aged 81 years


We are most grateful for this research by Richard Amphlett

tel:01929 460 021 e:

World War 1

Lieut H.R. Budden

Henry Richard Budden served with the 3rd Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment and was attached to 2nd Battalion the Lincolnshire Regiment when he was killed in action on 25 September 1915.

He is buried in the White City Bois-Grenier Cemetery, near Armentieres, France.

His age and service number are not recorded, but from the 1901 Census, I have discovered that he was 20 at the time of his death and was the son of Henry John and Jane Budden who farmed at Coombe Keynes.

A.C.  Budden  

Arthur Budden, whose second name I believe was Cecil, although it is difficult to read on the 1901 Census, was brother to Henry.

The unusual title on the memorial lists him as 4th Officer R.I.M.  I have been unable to identify this title or find any details of his death on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission list.  However, Dr. Alistair Massie at The National Army Museum was able to identify the unit as the Royal Indian Marine, which later became the Royal Indian Navy.  During WW1, this small fleet saw service in the Indian Ocean, carrying out minesweeping, troop carrying and patrol duties around East Africa, Aden, Iraq and Egypt.

I also asked a full time researcher to look for details at the British Library, who hold all records for the R.I.M.  Despite searching for several weeks, he was unable to find any mention of 4th Off. A.C.  Budden.

If anyone can add to the above information, please contact me so I can update this.

T2/12453 Dvr A.L. Cobb

Arthur was a Driver serving with the Army Service Corp, later Royal Army Service Corps (RASC).

He died on 23 July 1918 aged 24 years and is buried in Blandford Cemetery, Dorset.  I have no details of his death.

The 1901 Census shows Jane Cobb as his widowed mother.

Fuggle Walter Ernest SLI    

This has been the most difficult name to try to identify.

I have, so far, been unable to find any details.  At first, I thought he may have been with Somerset Light Infantry but The Light Infantry Museum at Taunton has no record of a W Fuggle.

There are 12 Fuggles listed with Commonwealth War Graves Commission but there are no matches.

I wrote to the National Army Museum in Chelsea to see if there was another regiment that would use the initials SLI.  Although these could relate to either the Staffordshire or Shropshire Light Infantry, Dr Alistair Massie identified a W Fuggle who served with the Somerset Light Infantry.

He was able to confirm that no W Fuggle died during WW1 serving with either the Somerset, Staffs or Shropshire Light Infantry, and suggested that his death may have been erroneously reported at the time.  This is supported by information in the National Army Museum WW1 campaign medal roll, which shows Walter Ernest Fuggle serving with 1st Somerset Light Infantry, and his army service number as 8668.

Based on this information the Regimental Museum in Taunton, was able to identify Fuggle by his number. The only problem was that his initial was shown as “F” but they must be one and the same because of the service number.

His date of embarkation for France is given as 11 November 1914, and the reason for him becoming non-effective is simply given as ‘To Eng.’. This could mean England, but there is no date and there are no other details recorded.

At the beginning of researching this name, I first looked at the 1881 census, which was interesting because it was difficult to find the name Fuggle outside the county of Kent.

I was unable to find the name on the 1901 census for Coombe Keynes, although the writing is very bad.

I am grateful to Dr Alistair Massie of the National Army Museum and Lieut Col M J R Mouth (Rtd) of The Rifles Taunton Office for their help in trying to solve this mystery.

Further investigation in 2013 revealed that Walter Ernest Fuggle was born in India in 1889, suggesting that his father was a serving soldier at the time.

In 1908, Walter joined the Somerset Light Infantry and is shown on the 1911 Cencus as in Barracks in Dorchester.

I was able to view his service record, which shows that he was Medically Discharged with a pension on 25 May 1916.

At some time Walter had married, but I have been unable to trace the marriage certificate, as on his death certificate on 13 January 1918, this is witnessed by his wife L.M. Fuggle , living at Coombe Keynes.

The cause of death is given as Tuberculosis, which may have been the reason for his medical discharge.

K/14216 Stoker 1ST Class A.J. Slack

 Albert James Slack was serving in the Royal Navy when, at the age of 27 years, his ship HMS Begonia sank off Casablanca after hitting the German U-boat U151 on 6 October 1917.

He was the husband of Martha Slack and his name is recorded on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

200077 Pte W.H.O. Sturmey

 William Henry Sturmey was serving with 1/4th Dorsetshire Regiment, 4th Company.

He died on 28 September 1917 aged 22 and was later buried in the Baghdad North Gate Cemetery.

He was the son of Thomas and Mary Sturmey, who I think were living at Park Lodge East Lulworth

206264 A/B L.J. Westmacott

Laurence John Westmacott was an Able Seaman serving in the Royal Navy’s Royal Fleet Reserve.

He was lost at sea when his Motor Torpedo Boat HMTB 13 was in collision with another ship in the North Sea.

He died on 27 January 1916 aged 32 and his loss is recorded on the Plymouth Naval Memorial.  He was the husband of Elizabeth Westmacott.

 World War 11

 173030 Lieut G.J. Drew

Geoffrey James Drew was serving with the Wiltshire Regiment attached to the Royal West African Frontier Force (Gold Coast Regiment). While training African troops in jungle fighting he contracted Black water fever prior to boarding a troop ship for the Burma front.

He was put ashore in Durban where he died on 24 August 1943 aged 23.

He was buried in the Durban Stellawood Cemetery, which at that time, was the resting place for those who died in one of several Military Hospitals in the Durban area.

He was the son of John and Esther Drew.

103591 F/Lt D.A.Drew

 David Arthur Drew, RAFVR, was brother to Geoffrey and second son of John and Esther Drew.

He was flying with 64 Squadron of the Royal Air Force, which at that time were flying the long-range escort fighter, the North American Mustang MkIII.

He died on 21 March 1945, aged 22, while 64 Sqd were escorting Mosquitoes to attack the Gestapo HQ (Shell House) in Copenhagen at the request of the Danish Resistance.

It can be assumed that David was shot down over Denmark as he is buried in the Copenhagen Cemetery.

Our grateful thanks to Michael Drew, brother of the two Drews commemorated above, who updated this information.

We Will Remember Them

Amendments and Additions

Arthur Loveless Cobb:  The 1911 Census shows Arthur at home in Coombe Keynes as a farm labourer, and his mother, Jane.

 His Army Service Record, which I found in 2013, shows that he joined the Army Service Corps on 25 September 1914.

His service can be traced through this to 16 March 1917, when he was discharged on medical grounds, due to a serious heart condition.

His death followed on 23 July 1918, and I can only presume that his mother was then living in Blandford Forum, for him to be buried there.

Walter Ernest Fuggle: Having found his death certificate in 2013, witnessed by his wife, L.M.Fuggle, further investigation would suggest that he married Louise May Burt, who was born at Corfe Castle in 1892.

The 1911 cencus shows her as a domestic cook in Swanage, possibly in a hotel, as Walters job when he signed up for the army, shows him working in a hotel as a Carman??

Maybe that’s where they met.


Drew Family

 he Drew family lived at Coombe Keynes Vicarage from 1933 to 1967. Michael Drew was five, youngest of the seven children. Two of were married in the Church and about five of the next generation Christened there. Brothers Geoffrey and David, were lost in WW2 are commemorated in the Church. Michael Drew aged 85 now (2014).